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Who we are?

Flyremit is Fxkart’s digital remittance management solution for Outward Remittance. We aim to make all modes of overseas payments hassle free, ensuring smooth documentation, compliance and payment.

We enable all AD2 category payments through RBI authorized Forex Dealer Partners.

How Does Our Process Work?

The service is fast and secure. All you need to do is

Raise the invoice

Step 1

Create your Remittance request

Create an agent

Step 2

Fill in Remitter & Beneficiary Details

Travel agents KYC

Step 3

Upload & Get your KYCs verified online

Get KYC verified online

Step 4

Block or Pay Full Amount Online or through Bank

Track the payment

Step 5

Initiate your Remittance

Payment real time alert

Step 6

Get real-time alert of payment credited

Transfer Money from India to Dubai

Dubai is hailed as the land of opportunity as it attracts people from all walks of life from around the globe. People get into Dubai to work and save money. The main infiltration into Dubai is from a country like India.

Thus, it is obvious that there will be a huge demand for money transferring services from India to Dubai.

So, how do you exactly transfer the money? There are various avenues to help you do so, such as the banks, local dealers or Express Money transfer agencies.

Who is the Best In Industry for Money Transfer?

The next question that arises in your mind is whether to choose banks, a local dealer or express money transfer agencies for transferring your money.

Banks often charge a lot of extra money when you approach them for transferring from Money India to Dubai. You have to pay an extra bank charge and GST for each transaction. Also, they have some hidden costs and also keep their exchange rate higher by Rs. 1-2. Thus, you end up paying more.

Local dealers, on the other hand, are not totally reliable. They may charge you higher, may create nuisances in the transfer and make the entire process troublesome.

However, when it comes to express money transfer agencies like Fxkart, you have nothing to worry about! At Fxkart, we follow a very transparent system of money transfer. You do not have to worry about any hidden costs, any extra charges.

We are very reliable and keep you updated on every step of the transaction. You also get an authentic invoice (SWIFT) from us regarding the completion of your transaction.

Why Choose us for India to Dubai Money Transfer?

While there are many such agencies that promise to get your transfer done easily, at Fxkart, we provide an altogether different set of advantages for you. You must choose us for

Banks and Market Beating Rates

We offer rates that are lower than the market and the banks as we do not charge any hidden costs.

Option to Block the LOWEST rates

We help you in blocking the lowest rates that are valid throughout the SAME and NEXT day.

Tie-up with RBI authorized FX Dealers

There is 100% guarantee of authenticity of our services as we are tied-up with RBI authorized FX dealers.

100% Safe & Secured Payment Gateway

You do not have to worry about any security threats as our payment gateway is 100% safe and secured.

No Hidden Charges

Our process is completely transparent, FREE and We don’t have any hidden charges.

Hassle-Free & Limited Documentations

We assist you with all the documentation work so that your process is hassle-free. You do not have to go through extended documentation processes.

Types of Remittance we offer for UAE

We offer the following three types of remittances to UAE.

  • Individual Tour Cost
  • Medical Remittance
  • Education Remittance

Process Involved in Individual Tour Cost Transfer, Medical & Education

We follow a simple approach that is easy to understand and follow:

Step 1: Create your request

In the first step, you have to create a request for remittance from us.

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details

You would be required to fill in all the details of both the beneficiary and the remitter.

Step 3: KYC verification

In the next step, you would be required to upload the KYC documents and get them verified online. Without this step, your transfer will not progress further. These documents will vary for medical remittance and educational remittance. You would need an estimate of medical expense for your medical remittance.

Step 4: Block your amount

In this step, you have to block or pay the full amount that you want to remit through any dealer, bank or online.

Step 5: Initiation

After completing the above processes, your remittance will have to be initiated. Then it will take some hours before your transfer is successfully processed.

Step 6: Credit alert

You would get a real-time credit alert when your money is successfully deposited in the other account.

Guaranteed Lowest Rates

At Fxkart, we use our expertise and knowledge in the forex industry to give you the best quote for your money. You would not find any rates lower than ours. We have RBI authorized money exchange dealers who offer LOWEST rates for you that is valid throughout the day. There are absolutely no commission charges that we require and thus, you can save a great deal on your money transfer.

Our Portal Features

We understand the complexity of getting a process covered online. Therefore, we have taken utmost care to design the best possible online experience for you. Our portal is built keeping in mind the user preferences and comfort. It is

  • Easy to understand
  • Provides seamless Online Documents Approval
  • Automates your transfers
  • Gives you LIVE rates from Market
  • Safe and secure online transactions

Why you have to choose a Right partner for Money transfer needs?

When you send money to another country, you must be careful about a few things. You must go for some dealer that is authentic and registered under the RBI. You should never compromise with your safety and security as these transactions need a lot of important attention.

Besides that, choosing a right partner will save you a lot of money and time. A well-informed transfer dealer will be able to provide you with the proper procedure and details of every transaction and can thus, reduce your wastage of time and efforts.

Challenges to Face in banks while remittance

Sometimes, you might face a couple of obstacles and challenges when you try to send money to Dubai. Some of them could be:

  • Getting the proper KYC details filled in.
  • Getting the quote correctly from the banks.
  • Delays in the bank processing of the money transfer.
  • Some amount of hidden costs.
  • You might have to pay the bank charges.
  • You will have to pay a higher rate as banks usually quote higher rates than the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Outward Remittance to Dubai

How can we send money from India to Dubai?

You can contact Fxkart for sending money to Dubai. You can send money through Wire Transfer.

How long does it take for a bank to process an AED wire transfer for the Remittance?

It takes around 48 hours for the bank to process a wire/telegraphic transfer for education, Medical and Individual Tour Cost remittance.

Can you reverse a bank wire transfer?

If the receiver’s bank has accepted the amount, you cannot reverse the wire transfer.

Who processes your Remittance?

The remittance is processed by our FX dealer.

Charges involved in Medical Remittance

Medical remittance includes no extra charges

How to Track your outward transfers?

You can track each step of your transaction on the dashboard.

Limit of Sending amount from India to Dubai

You can send a maximum of $250,000 per person per year to Dubai.

RBI Rules for Education Remittance, Individual Tour Cost & Medical Remittance

Dealers can release a payment of $250,000 yearly for education remittance, individual tour cost and medical remittance.

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Best service and great support from the team at each stage of the process. FXKART seems to be the best option for fast and cheap international money transfers.

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Great rates, good customer support, easy web interface. Strongly recommended.

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« Really Amazing Experience »

Really amazing experience for remittance, transparent on everything, got clarity on complex process.

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Most easy international money transfer I have done! At the ease of a fingertip.

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